Stress Reduction through Music

Stress Reduction through Music: An Introduction

A workshop, based in singing, showing how anyone can make music to reduce stress regardless of experience or musical skill. Dr. Muir shows how music-making is a universal human endowment, not just something restricted to the gifted few (as it is usually regarded) by considering its origins in the interaction between mother and child in the Lullaby. The ultimate evolutionary purpose of music, therefore, is not to entertain but, as with the lullaby, to relieve stress, and this can be done by prioritizing heart-felt emotional expression over technical accuracy, and developing a judgment-free attitude to your singing.

Based on the pioneering work of holistic medical doctor John Diamond, this workshop will get you to view your ability to make music, and to use your music-making gifts, in an entirely new way.

Suitable for:

  • anyone interested in using music to reduce stress

Length: 1-3 hours