Music and Health

Music for Healing: An Introduction

A introduction to the field of music and wellness, this workshop will show how one can use one’s singing and other forms of music-making to optimize the healing power within.

The workshop is for anyone interested in learning to use music for healing, regardless of their level of experience. You do not need previous musical training or talent (as normally thought of) to benefit.  It has three goals:

  • to introduce participants to the field of music and health
  • to nurture participants’ confidence in their ability to use music to enhance well-being and
  •  to provide practical experience of and information for doing so.

Topics include:

  • Using music to help others
  • Why music is healing
  • Music and Life Energy
  • “But I Can’t Sing!”
  •  Stagefright and How to Overcome It.
  •  Getting in phase with music–and life
  • The most healing songs
  • Music and the Acupuncture System
  • Music and Aspiration
  • Utilizing the healing power of different genres: jazz, blues, and classical

Suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in practicing and teaching holistic health
  • Musicians at all levels of experience
  • Health-care professionals.

Length: 1hr minimum – full weekend introductory workshop.