Unlocking the Creative & Emotional Self Through Music

The ability to make music exists within all of us. Learning how to release it is crucial to unlocking our creative talents and stabilizing our emotional self. Regardless of experience, talent or emotional issue, everyone can realize their goals by allowing music to be played or sung from the heart without focus on technical perfection.

Dr. Muir writes:

My teaching process begins with singing as our voice is the most natural and intimate tool we have for making music. First, I encourage you to hear the sound of the music you are singing in your head (what I call auralizing) and then sing what you’re hearing. Our role is to help enhance that process by working with both stages: first, developing your internal hearing of the music so that it becomes a more focused, truer expression of your inner self; second, helping you become more efficient at converting what you are hearing into actual singing.

My approach encourages singing, and, where appropriate, playing, expressively with great positive feeling in a non-judgmental environment that encourages individual expression. The approach of standard music lessons with its emphasis on technical accuracy above all else tends to create stress and self-consciousness in the student, and takes music further away from its true healing purpose.

The benefits of his program include:

  • Lessening stage fright
  • Transforming negative emotions into positive ones
  • Reducing stress
  • Enhancing creativity