“Peter Muir’s nimble piano playing is terrific.”
– Aileen Jacobson, Newsday

“Potent pianist Peter Muir, whose virtuosity does so much to transport the audience to another time.”
– Lawrence van Gelder, New York Times

“I dare anyone listening to turn-of-the-century ragtime music not to break into a wide grin and involuntary toe-tapping as delivered by Peter Muir.”
– Jeanne Lieberman, New York Journal

“Outstanding playing…Profoundly musical pianism”
–Stephen Jarvis, City Limits (London)

“A thrilling experience…The pianist showed not only a wonderful command of the instrument’s power and rhythmic potential, but a delicate touch of the keyboard.”
–J. Warren Cahill, Mid Hudson Times

“Muir’s keyboard technique was impeccable, forceful yet delicate, clear and precise, yet warm and personal.”
–James F. Cotter, Times Herald Record

“Wonder filled the room as Muir’s fingers danced along the piano keys…”
–Olesia Plokhii, Millbrook Independent