Peter’s concerts focus on captivating and entertaining the audience through powerful performances. As a pianist and vocalist, he showcases his musical prowess, connecting with his audience through virtuosity, stage presence, and a deep musical and historical understanding of the repertoire.

Length: 45-90 minutes (as required)

*Available in-person or live on Zoom (see here for example of Zoom presentation).

*Adaptable to a wide range of audiences.

*For further inquiries or to make a booking, just contact Peter


1. The Rise of Ragtime

Traces the spectacular rise of ragtime in American culture and charts its musical development throughout the first two decades of the twentieth century. A virtuoso, in-depth look at this most American musical phenomenon, with works by Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton and many others.

2. The Roots of Blues 

Traces blues from its beginnings in the African American subculture in the early 1900s through its triumphant emergence in the mainstream over the next thirty years. Offers deep insights into the development of this most important and influential of genres.

3. The Rise of Jazz 

Shows has jazz evolved from ragtime and blues c. 1910.   An educational and musical feast that offers a deepened understanding and appreciation of jazz, and its relationship to society.

4.  Early Black Popular Music 

A spectacular program of ragtime, stride, jazz, blues, and popular songs composed by African Americans between 1897 and 1929. Music of unique vitality by Scott Joplin, Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton, and many others.

5. Tiger Rag: Ragtime and Jazz of the 1910s

A revelatory exploration of the vibrant musical culture of the 1910s.  Works familiar and unfamiliar by Irving Berlin, Jelly Roll Morton, Scott Joplin, W. C. Handy, Joseph Lamb, et al.

6. Charleston!: Songs and Instrumentals from the Jazz Age

An exhilarating, toe-tapping celebration of American popular music of the 1920s, from the including works by George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, James P. Johnson and others.

7. Brother Can You Spare a Dime? Music of the Depression Era

An in-depth exploration of some of the highlights of popular music of the 1930s, celebrating some of the greatest names of the era, and revealing the essence of the style.

8. In the Mood: Songs and Instrumentals from the 1940s

Exploring and celebrating the music around the time of the Second World War