Music Actuator Training

A Music Actuator is trained by us in the skill of bringing out – “actuating” – the music that exists in everyone. Essential to our approach is the belief that everyone, whatever their level of musical functioning, has a right to make music and can do so in a way to enhance their Life Energy (chi), the healing power within. The role of the Actuator is to catalyze that process.

A Music Actuator is thus different from a regular music performer, educator, or therapist.  The role of a performer is to entertain; the role of an educator is to teach a skill and impart information; a music therapist is primarily concerned with the treatment of particular conditions. The focus of the Actuator is simply the making manifest of the Music in whomever he is working with.

The Actuator’s task is twofold.  First to bring out the music in the Other.  Second, to then assist in optimizing it so that the Other is making music with the highest possible Life Energy (chi).  This way, music will be made in the most beneficial and truest way.

Actuator training involves the learning, and eventual mastery, of many skills including: how to create a positive, judgment-free environment for music-making; how to develop empathy with the client; evolving a broad musical flexibility; and, ultimately, learning how to make music oneself with the highest Life Energy so as to best assist others in doing.

Getting starting with learning the skill of Music Actuation is not difficult, and, in fact, a person’s approach can transformed by just a few hours of intensive training, as long as the trainee is suitably receptive.  Furthermore, musical expertise is not required to get started.

At its highest level of mastery, Musical Actuation involves a long-term training that will transform the outlook, music abilities, and personal development of the trainee and offer a unique contextualization of music within the field of holistic health..

Music actuation has a wide range of applications, and can benefit everyone from musical novices to professionals.  Examples of situations that have benefited from Music Actuation training:

  • A family member who is now able to bring out the music in a relative with Alzheimer’s;
  • A pediatric nurse able to work musically with her patients;
  • A music educator able to bring out an extra dimension in her students, both in classes and in one-on-one instrumental instruction;
  • A seasoned performer whose understanding of Music Actuation has enabled them to relate to their audience in a different way with a great lessening of stage-fright;
  • A conductor reporting enhanced rapport with his group and his audience;
  • A person with disabilities empowered by musically actuating residents in a nursing home;
  • With everyone: an increased joy and lessened self-consciousness in music-making.

What Does Music Actuator Training Consist Of?

Actuator training is highly personalized and is adapted to the needs, ability, and experience of the trainee.  However, all training consists of:

  • One-in-one instruction to optimize the Life Energy of the trainee’s music-making;
  • Field training through attending our outreach and other programs;
  • Instruction in non-musical aspects in order to contextualize music with the wider field of holistic health, especially in relation to the  Diamond Path of Life, the work of our founder, John Diamond, M.D. (group or one-on-one)

Please contact us to learn how to get started in the process of Music Actuation training.