Alzheimer’s and Music

Thanks for the Memory: Using Music to Enhance the Lives of People with Alzheimer’s

This workshop offers an introduction to using music as an expressive and creative medium to enhance health, with a particular view to people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.   Whereas making music is usually thought of as an elitist activity open only to the gifted few (so-called “real musicians”), my approach shows that, on the contrary, it is  our universal right as human beings. We all have music inside us and by bringing it out, we reveal our inner humanity.  In so doing we enhance our lives and the lives of those we care for.  This workshop will benefit anyone with an interest in exploring making music in a care-giving situation, no matter how inexperienced or off-key!

Length: 1-4hrs

Topics include:

  • Bringing out the music in those you care for
  • Suitable repertoire
  • Making music vs. listening
  • The importance of interaction and how to optimize it
  • Accompanied versus a cappella
  • Accuracy vs. intention