Music for Disabilities


Peter Muir has been involved in the field of music education for people with disabilities for over thirty years, running programs, giving seminars, and teaching individuals in the US, Asia, Europe and Australia. Among his students number professional musicians such as the world-famous blind piano savant Derek Paravicini.

Whole Music®

Whole Music® is a way of learning and making music so as to maximize its therapeutic impact.  It has been used by everyone from those seeking a deeper connection to their music to individuals with disabilities wanting to use their music as a means of enhancing quality of life and functioning.  Neither mainstream music education  nor music therapy as usually practiced, the Whole Music approach is a new and highly effective way of using music to enhance people’s lives.

Whether working with a professional musician, or a person with profound disabilities entirely new to the act of music-making, Dr. Muir’s vision is the same: to best bring out the Music that resides in everyone, so as to enhance their creative, musical and personal potential.

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